Pros & cons of online education (e-learning)

The Pros and the Cons of Online Education

Online education has speculated around the learning industry, and in this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of using online forms of education. The advantages of online training include;

  • Many options

As far as distance learning is involved, most of the institutions are trying so hard to move their schooling system from offering class learning but provide both online and class education. Online schooling has many courses for students to choose any from them. The students only need to look at the course they need to do in different university websites and see which university offers the best in that particular course.

  • Online education is flexible

Being flexible, I refer to the ability of the student to choose the hours and days they are free and comfortable to learn. There are giving out of assignments too, and if one write my book report can do them before the deadline given, distance learning is the best. Another advantage of flexible distance education is that t any given time one is free, they might take the chance to go through the notes, which is very beneficial.

  • Online education is 24/ 7 active

In the traditional way of learning, there are fixed time tables where most of them don’t go up to weekends, but with distance learning, the students can have their lessons to weekends as long as they have free time. There are also offline lecture videos offered to students. The students can save them from revising during their free time when you compare offline lessons to the traditional type of education where the students are to make pages of notes to be able to review later.

With so much advantage with the distance learning, there are also cons for using the distance education and they include;

  • Luck of being responsible can lead to failure

For one to be able to pass the online education, they need to be responsible to a point where they avail themselves for lessons at times they are free. Some o the students tend to go online reading only if there are exams or assignments given, this is one way a student gets to fail at the end of the semester. With online learning is, if doing homework is a problem, with no time, the porthole will be full of undone assignments needed.

  • There is no interaction

Online education is where the students never get to meet the tutors the same to the tutors they never meet with the students. Still, with discussions done online, one can easily create a bond with a future business partner or workmate for those doing the business courses.

  • Widespread cheating

With a connected internet, the students get to copy the exams making the learning so easy where if even one doesn’t study for the exams, they can search the answers in search drives such as Google making them worthless of the grades they score.

Loreta Roth